The following text is a translation of the news story published by Toulouse Business School. Read the story in French.

This past Tuesday, February 20, a group of 14 students from King’s University College at Western University, located in London, Canada, came to visit L’incubator!  L’incubator is a business enterprise and learning tool which aims to foster the entrepreneurial skills of students attending the Toulouse Business School by supporting them in the creation and execution of creative projects towards successful start-up businesses through the use of individualized workshops and personal training.

King’s EBM students recently had the opportunity to learn more about existing incubator projects in their development – projects like I’D Like, Hydle, Memorgram, Moov’in and Tututuan -- as presented by students from Toulouse Business School.  This was a proud moment of teaching and learning premised on a friendly and engaging exchange of ideas between students from both schools!

Read the story in French and see photographs.