FM Systems – Available for employee, student and visitor use!

What are frequency modulation (FM) systems and how do they work?A frequency modulation (FM) system is a wireless communication device used to support persons who are hard of hearing, or persons who struggle with background noise. Here is how it works: The speaker uses a microphone, while the listener wears a receiver. The receiver can be a simple pair of headphones.

If you see “FM” and think “radio,” you are on the right track—this type of system uses FM radio signals designated by the FCC to transmit sound. 

An FM system enhances the signal-to-noise ratio, or the amount of signal that can be heard in relation to the competing information in the environment.

Where can you use FM systems?
These systems can easily be used in many locations, including theaters, auditoriums, classrooms and lecture halls.

Tips for using an FM system

  • Speak in a normal tone of voice with the microphone approximately 14 cm from your mouth. Your voice will be amplified.
  • For in-class discussions, pass the transmitter to the speaker or, if working in small groups, place it in a central location.
  • The instructor or presenter should repeat questions asked by participants so that the student wearing the FM system will be aware of the discussion topic.
  • Remember to take the transmitter microphone off when having private conversations or in situations that others should not be privy to.

How to book an FM system

FM systems are available to borrow for short-term general use by members of the King’s Community, students and visitors to campus.

Employees & Visitors: When requesting a Room/Event online through King's Room/Event Booking, select “A/V Equipment Required,” and then select “FM Wireless System.” Once the booking is confirmed, someone from Information Technology Services (ITS) will be available to meet with you on the booking date to set up the system.

Students: Please visit the King’s Library Service Desk to check out an FM system, which includes a user’s guide. View a description of the FM system as it appears in Omni.

If you need additional, dedicated and longer-term hearing supports, employees should contact Human Resources and students can receive support through Accessibility, Counselling & Student Development (ACSD).

If you have any questions, please reach out to Human Resources at