As you may be aware, IOS 11 was released today by Apple.

We have just been notified by Microsoft that the native Mail app on iOS 11 is not compatible with Office 365.  They are investigating.  If you upgrade to IOS 11, the native Email app on iPhone or iPad, will not be able to send or reply from your Western Office 365 email account.

Microsoft and Apple are working to resolve this issue.   Once it is resolved, we will send additional communication. 
Until then,  we recommend suggesting to your faculties and departments that they delay an upgrade to IOS 11 if you use the native Mail app for your Office 365 email.

Important Note: 
The official Microsoft "Outlook" IOS app is not affected by this problem.  If you only use the Outlook app on IOS for your Office 365 email you should be able to upgrade to IOS 11 without any issues.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We are also Tweeting and updating the WTS homepage.  Tomorrow, we will consider sending a mass email.

iOS 11's built-in email app does not work with student/faculty email, yet.
Individuals using a different app, such as the Outlook app for iOS, are not affected.