Congratulations and welcome to the King’s community! This is a new and exciting experience, and may be overwhelming at first. Do not worry; we are here to support you. An Academic Counsellor will assist you with your course selection during Winter Academic Orientation (WAO). In preparation for your WAO appointment, and for your first day of school, please see the checklist below:

Please note: If you have previously attended King's or Western, you will need to book your academic counselling appointment with the Academic Dean's Office directly. You will not be required to book a WAO appointment. To book your academic counselling appointment with the ADO, please click here.

To Do

Important Links

Important Deadlines

Activate your
Western Identity


  • PIN
  • Student Number: 250 XXX XXX

Please click here to activate your identity.

If you require assistance retrieving your PIN please contact

Your student number can be found at the top right of any correspondence letter from King’s.

Please activate as soon as possible. 

Residence application

Residence is not guaranteed for the Winter term. If you are interested in living on-campus during your first term at King's, please ensure that you contact our Residence Office as soon as possible.

Click here to access the Residence application.

To view our options for paying your Residence deposit, please click here.

All Residence accommodations must be made by:

December 15, 2018

Program & Course Counselling

All incoming King's students are required to attend a Winter Academic Orientation (WAO) appointment. 

To book your WAO appointment, please click here, or call 519-433-3491 x4999.

If you are not able to attend a WAO appointment in person, email counselling can be arranged. To arrange email counselling, please click here.

Book as soon as possible. 

Upload a student card photo

To upload a photo for your student card, please click here.

If you do not upload a photo prior to your WAO appointment, a photo will be taken during your WAO appointment. Your student card will be printed once you complete your WAO appointment. 

Upload a photo prior to your WAO appointment; your student card will be printed once you complete your WAO appointment. 

If you are an
International student...

For valuable information about your transition to the King's Community, please view our International Students website.



Preview the Winter Academic Orientation presentation

View the Winter Academic Orientation presentation.  

Once you have completed the above steps, be sure to keep checking your Western e-mail, as this is our preferred method of communication with our students.  We look forward to seeing you on January 2, 2019! The first day of classes is January 7, 2019.

Other Important Links

  • Kings- Western Academic Calendar
    • View sessional dates 
    • Academic policies 
    • Course listings 
    • Module/programs 
  • Student Centre 
    • Add/Drop Classes
    • Print tax forms for next year
    • View your booklist
    • Print your timetable (including room numbers)
  • Western E-mail
    • This is the E-mail address that King's will use to contact you; ensure that you activate it and check it on a regular basis
  • Western OWL
    • View class materials online
    • Communicate with Professors and classmates
    • Retrieve course outlines
    • Submit papers/assignments
    • View lecture slides from classes
  • Student Statement of Account (Money Matters Student Finance Portal)
    • Check your outstanding balance
    • View all credits and debits on your account
    • View scholarship amounts
    • Updated bi-weekly