The King’s Sociology and Criminology Department will allow students to substitute certain statistics courses taken from other departments for Sociology 2205A/B and 2206A/B. Students are required to complete an equivalent number of Sociology courses at the 2200-level to replace Sociology 2205A/B and 2206A/B, i.e., if Sociology 2205A/B is replaced, then an additional 0.5 Sociology course at the 2200-level is required; if both Sociology 2205A/B and 2206A/B are replaced, than an additional 1.0 Sociology course at the 2200-level is required.

Common equivalent courses for Sociology 2205A/B include: Management and Organizational Studies 2242A/B, Psychology 2810, 2820E, Statistical Sciences 2035, 2037A/B, Biology 2244A/B, Health Sciences 2800 (or the former 201), Social Work 2207A/B and the former 2205 (the former SW 2205 also fulfills the requirement for Sociology 2206A/B).