Dr. Tara Bruno

Dr. Tara Bruno

Assistant Professor

Office: FB214

Phone: 4510

E-mail: tara.bruno@uwo.ca


PhD - Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies and Sociology at the University of Toronto
MA - University of Toronto
BA - King's University College at the University of Western Ontario

Research Interests:

Addictions and Mental Health, Criminology, Homelessness, Youth and Families, Research Methods.

Selected Publications:

Bruno (Fidler), Tara L., Butters, Jennifer E., Erickson, Patricia G., and Wekerle, Christine. (2012). Missed Conceptions: A gendered extension of early conception among street youth. Deviant Behavior, 33 (7): 550-565. 

Frederick, Tyler, Ross, Lori E., Bruno (Fidler), Tara L., and Erickson, Patricia G. (2011). Exploring gender and sexual minority status among street involved youth.  Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, 6 (2): 166-183.

Erickson, Patricia, Butters, Jennifer, and Bruno (Fidler), Tara. (2009). Victimization and predatory violence among street youth in Toronto, Canada. International Annals of Criminology 47(1/2): 81-100.

King, Katharine E., Ross, Lori E., Bruno (Fidler), Tara L. and Erickson, Patricia G. (2009). Identity work among street-involved young mothers. Journal of Youth Studies 12 (2): 139-149.