Dr. Kristin Lozanski

Dr. Kristin Lozanski

Department Chair and Associate Professor

Office: DL205

Phone: 4524

E-mail: kristin.lozanski@uwo.ca


PhD - University of Alberta
MA - University of Victoria
BA (Hon) - University of Calgary
BSc - University of Calgary

Research Interests:

Globalization, Gender, Racialization & Multiculturalism, Critical Travel/Tourist Studies, (Post/Neo)Colonial, Transnational Surrogacy

Courses Taught:
  • Sociology 1020 (572) - Introductory Sociology
  • Sociology 3341F (570) - Social Construction of Gender
  • Sociology 3327 - Special Topics: Unpacking Cultural Travel
Selected Publications

Lozanski, Kristin. 2015. “Transnational commercial surrogacy: Canada’s contradictions,” Special Issue on Medical Tourism, Social Science and Medicine, 124: 383-390.

Lozanski, Kristin. 2014. “Desire for danger, aversion to harm: Violence in travel to ‘Other’ places.” Tourism and Violence, p. 33-47. Ed. Hazel Andrews. Ashgate Press.

Lozanski, Kristin. 2014. “Heroes and villains: Travel, risk and masculinity.” Men, Masculinities, Travel and Tourism, p. 28-42. Ed. Thomas Thurnell-Read & Mark Casey. Palgrave Press.

Lavrence, Christine and Lozanski, Kristin. 2014. “‘This is not your practice life’: Governance, consumption and lululemon.” Canadian Review of Sociology, 51(1): 76-94.

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Lozanski, Kristin. 2010. “Defining ‘Real India’: Representations of Authenticity in Independent Travel.”  Social Identities, 16(6): 741-762.

Lozanski, Kristin. 2008. Temporary Foreign Workers and Canada's Contradictions: Globalization, Liberalism and Multiculturalism. International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, 45(1):131-149. (By invitation)

Lozanski, Kristin. 2007. "Colonialism and Racialized Heteronormativity: Unpacking Sexual Harassment and Violence in Independent Travel to India." Tourist Studies 7(3): 295-315.

Lozanski, Kristin. 2007. "Memory and the Impossibility of Whiteness in Colonial Canada." Feminist Theory, 8(2): 223-225.

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