Dr. Anisha Datta

Dr. Anisha Datta

Associate Professor

Office: DL234

Phone: 4595

E-mail: adatta22@uwo.ca

Website: https://uwo.academia.edu/AnishaDatta
Research Interests:

Social Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Social Inequality, South Asia – India, Consumer Culture, Political Economy, and Comparative Sociology

  • PhD - University of British Columbia
  • MA, BA (Hons) – University of Calcutta
Courses Taught:
  • Soc 4404F - Modern Sociological Theory 
  • Soc 4405G - Seminar in Modern Sociological Theory 
  • Soc 3382G - Neoliberalism and Our Society 
  • Soc 3378F - Global Divide (Starts Fall 2019) 
  • Soc 1020 - Introduction to Sociology
Selected Publications:

Datta, A. (2016). How Has Neo-Liberalism Affected Our Social Life, King's Cosmos 1, 12-15

Datta, A. (2015). Review of Paradoxes of Empowerment: Development, Gender and Governance in Neoliberal India, by Aradhana Sharma, Gender, Technology and Development 19 (2), 2015: 231-238 

Datta, A. (2015). Review of Recasting Caste: From the Sacred to the Profane by Hira Singh, Canadian Journal of Sociology 40 (1), 2015: 123-126 

Datta, A. (2014). The Unfairness of Being Fair. In P. Chakravarty (Ed.), Shrapnel minima: Writings from humanities underground. Seagull Books. ISBN: 9780857421876 

Datta, A. (2012). The 'Other' in Sociological Canons: Reading the Trinity through Critical Post-colonial Lens. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 33(6), 657-673. 

Datta, A. (2009). Fair's Unfair: Simulations of Consumption and Career in Indian Advertising. In S.R. Chakraborty (Ed.), The politics of sport in South Asia. London: Routledge. (Reprint). 

Datta, A. (2008). Fair's Unfair: Simulations of Consumption and Career in Indian Advertising. International Journal of the History of Sport, 25(12), 1628-1636. 

Datta, A. (2007). Modernity, Gender and Political Allegory in ‘Third World Literature’: The case of Streer Patra [A wife’s letter]. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 2(3), 111-118. 

Datta, A. (2006). Review of Women in the Indian national Movement: Unseen Faces and unheard Voices 1930 – 1942, by Suruchi Thapar-Björkert, Asian Journal of Women’s Studies 12 (3), 2006: 110 – 118 

Selected Invited Talks: 

‘An Introduction to Feminist Theories’, a summer school workshop for doctoral students conducted at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, May 4 2016, India 

‘Decolonizing Development: A Historical Sociological Perspective’, presented at King’s Model UN Conference, March 25 2014, London Canada 

‘Learning to Juggle: Teaching, Doing Research and Having a Life’, presented at Brandon University Women's Research Network Brown Bag Lunch - Research Experiences as Women, March 23 2012, Brandon Canada

‘Social Eugenics and Macro-Motherhood in the Name of a Sustha Nation Sate’, presented at The South Asia Studies Forum, University of Manitoba, March 9 2012, Winnipeg, Canada 

‘Indian Feminism: Face to Face with Old and New Challenges’, presented at International Women’s Day Celebration organized by the Brandon University Women’s Collective and Brandon University Students’ Union, March 8 2012, Brandon, Canada