Prof. Ruth Compton Brouwer

Prof. Ruth Compton Brouwer

Professor Emeritus



Canada’s Global Villagers: CUSO in Development, 1961-86. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2013;

Modern Women Modernizing Men: The Changing Missions of Three Professional Women in Asia and  Africa, 1902-69.  Vancouver: UBC Press, 2002 (short-listed for Canadian Historical Association’s John A. Macdonald Prize, 2003, and for Canadian Women’s Studies Association award, 2003);

New Women for God: Canadian Presbyterian Women and India Missions, 1876-1914. Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 1990

Recently published refereed articles: “‘Prince Edward Island’s unique “brotherly love” community’: Faith and Family, Communalism and Commerce in B. Compton Limited, 1909-1947,” Acadiensis, vol. XLV, no 1, Winter/Spring 2016;

“From Missionaries to NGOs,” Ch. 5 in Canada and the Third World: A Historical Introduction, eds. Karen Dubinsky, Sean Mills, Scott Rutherford (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016)

Recent invited article: “‘Canada’s Peace Corps?’: CUSO’s evolving relationship with its US cousin, 1961-1971,” International Journal¸ online version Dec. 2014; print version, 2015

Recently reprinted refereed article: “When Missions Became Development: Ironies of ‘NGOization’ in Mainstream Canadian Churches in the 1960s,” originally in The Canadian Historical Review, vol. 91, no. 4 (Dec. 2010), 661-93; reprinted in Modern Canada, ed. Catherine Briggs (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2014) and in Protestant Missions and Local Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, eds. Hilde Nielssen, Inger Marie Okkenhaug, and Karina Hestad Skeie (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2011)

Recent conference presentation: “Legacies of Missions and Empire in Canada’s First Secular NGO,” to Northeast Conference on British Studies, Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting, University of Ottawa, 17 October, 2015