Spring Foreword 2023

The Write Place welcomes you to an end-of-term live reading event featuring creative writers from our campus community.

The event will also highlight the work of Fauzia Agbonhin. As featured in CTV, CBC, and the London Free Press, Agbonhin is a 21-year-old Nigerian-Canadian slam poet and author of I Never Truly Hated You. She has represented London in two national festivals. She and her London team were ranked fourth place in Canada at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word Poetry 2019. Fauzia performed at the first ever BLM protest in London Ontario, with over 10,000 people and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was present when she performed at the YCCI march to stop Islamophobia in 2022. Fauzia is a recipient of the 2019 Lewis Coray Trailblazer Award from the London Police and was showcased in the 2020 Night of Heroes for Community Living London.