General Information
  •  The KUCSC is going to have a Clubs Week booth set up in the King Student Life Centre where council members can answer questions regarding their roles on council and where prospective candidates can pick up application forms.

- Alternatively, application forms will be available in the KUCSC Office (KC208), and can be accessed online via the KUCSC website.

  • Deadline for application: Thursday, January 19th, 2017 @ 10pm, to be turned in at the KUCSC Office (KC208)
  • The link to the application form is:
  • Mandatory - All Candidate’s Meeting is on Thursday, January 19th, 2017 @ 10pm in the KUCSC Boardrrom (KC214A); information regarding campaigning rules will be given to candidates at this meeting
  • Contact information for questions/concerns: Domonic McDonald, Interim Chief Returning Officer (
  •  All candidates must be full or part-time King’s undergraduate students.
  • All candidates must attend the Mandatory All Candidate’s Meeting on Thursday, January 19th, 2017 @ 10pm or must send a proxy to that meeting to represent them.
  • Candidates can only run for one position.
  • Presidential candidates: (1) must have an average of 70%, (2) must at least 18 years of age, and (3) must not have a status of bankrupt.
  • Faculty Representative candidates: (1) must have a 70% average, (2) must be entering either their 3rd or 4th year, and (3) must be enrolled in an Honor’s Module (Major, Double Major, or Specialization, where applicable).
  • Other social representative candidates: (1) must have a 65% average.

President: “The KUCSC President oversees all the operations of council, provides strategic direction for the organization, and represents the interests of the King's students to King's, the USC, and London. It's an opportunity for student leaders to help King's become an even better place and experience the opportunities that accompany governing a political organization.”—Nate Little, Incumbent President 2016-2017.

Faculty Representatives: Faculty representatives serve as liaisons between students and their respective faculty. They do this by maintaining a Faculty OWL page, working with the Vice President of Student Affairs to plan events, communicating directly with any KUCSC ratified clubs relating to their faculty, and communicating directly with their respective Faculty Chair. A faculty representative position is a great opportunity to polish leadership skills and to effect positive change for your peers, all the while remaining embedded in the student life around campus. The faculty representative positions that are up for grabs are:

1. BMOS Representative

2. Childhood and Social Institutions Representative

3. Disability Studies Representative

4. Economics Representative

5. English Representative

6. French Representative

7. History Representative

8. Philosophy Representative

9. Political Science Representative

10. Psychology Representative

11. Religious Studies Representative

12. Social Justice and Peace Studies Representative

13. Sociology Representative

14. Thanatology Representative

Social Representatives: Social representatives work in a variety of ways to ensure the social environment around King’s is as healthy and positive as possible. A social representative position is a great leadership opportunity in that it will allow you to work with a diversity of students to ensure that their needs are taken into consideration. The various social representative positions that are up for grabs are:

1. Accessibility Representative – The Accessibilities Representative is responsible for working with King’s and the KUCSC to ensure that King’s is fully accessible and barrier-free for all students.

2. Graduating Representative – The Graduating Representative is responsible for planning and executing the KUCSC Grad Ball.

3. Indigenous Students Representative – The Indigenous Students Representative is responsible for voicing the concerns of the indigenous students to the KUCSC.

4. International Students Representative – The International Students Representative works closely with the King’s International Office to develop strategies to better support international and exchange students, and is responsible for voicing their concerns to the KUCSC.

5. Mature Representative – The Mature Representative is responsible for voicing the concerns of mature students to King’s and to the KUCSC.

6. Second Year Representatives – There are two Second Year Representative positions on the KUCSC. They are responsible for voicing the concerns of second-year students to King’s and to the KUCSC.


1. KCC Representatives – There are three KCC Representative positions on the KUCSC. They attend all King’s College Council (KCC) meetings and liaise between the KUCSC and the KCC.

2. USC Representatives – There are five USC Representative positions on the KUCSC. They represent King’s students at the University Students’ Council (USC) at Western and liaise between the KUSCS and USC.