Interested in getting involved this year? Join us in the Student Life Centre all week to learn more about the clubs we offer at King's.

Clubs at King's
  • Business Management and Organizational Studies Association Club
  • Best Buddies at King’sis a fantastic club at King's that pairs members of the club with people who have a developmental disability to foster great friendships. We have monthly group meetings with fun themes such as casino night and tropical. Check out the booth at clubs week September 17-20 in the King Student Life Centre from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
  • King’s
  • JMS Careless History Club
  • King’s Accounting Club
  • King’s Campus Cursive Club
  • King’s Childhood and Social Institutions Club
  • King’s Children Association
  • King’s Debate Society
  • King’s EconoMath Society
  • King’s French Conversation Club
  • King’s Foundations in the Humanities
  • King’s Gaming Club
  • King’s Investment Club
  • King’s Leadership Association
  • King’s Philosophy Students Association
  • King’s Players Theatre Company
  • King’s Ping Pong Club
  • King’s Political Science Student’s Association
  • King’s Psychology Club
  • King’s Social Justice and Peace Club
  • King’s Thanatology Club

Contact for any club-related inquiries.