Interested in getting involved this year? Take a look at the list below!

Clubs at King's
  • Business Management and Organizational Studies Association Club
  • Best Buddies at King’s is a fantastic club at King's that pairs members of the club with people who have a developmental disability to foster great friendships. 
  • King’s
  • JMS Careless History Club
  • King’s Accounting Club
  • King’s Campus Cursive Club
  • King’s Childhood and Social Institutions Club
  • King’s Children Association
  • King’s Debate Society
  • King’s EconoMath Society 
    See the details for Trivia Night
  • King’s French Conversation Club
  • King’s Foundations in the Humanities
  • King’s Gaming Club
  • King’s Investment Club
  • King’s Leadership Association
  • King’s Philosophy Students Association
  • King’s Players Theatre Company
  • King’s Ping Pong Club
  • King’s Political Science Student’s Association
  • King’s Psychology Club
  • King’s Social Justice and Peace Club
  • King’s Thanatology Club

If you are interested in any of these clubs, please fill out the form to sign up for clubs.
For more information please visit the Clubs website
If you have questions, please email