Academic Day

Explore different academic streams in this day full of academic presentations.

10 am – noon (Three rotations of 25 minute presentations, with 10 minute relocation time in between each session)

Room Dept/Program
Labatt Hall 100 Psychology
Labatt Hall 101 Sociology/Criminology
Labatt Hall 103 Political Science
Labatt Hall 220 History
South Annex 150 Social Work
South Annex 151 Exchange
KC 004 (Lower Level SLC) Disability Studies
KC 005 (Lower Level SLC) Thanatology
KC 006 (Lower level SLC) Social Justice and Peace Studies
Wemple 166 MOS/ Business
Wemple 168 Economics
Wemple 170 Math
Wemple 174 Religious Studies
Wemple 175 English
Wemple 176 Writing
Wemple 178 French
Wemple 147 Social Political Thought
Wemple 148 Philosophy
South Annex 060 Childhood and Social Institutions