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Associate Professor of Political Science, Dr. Jacquie Newman led a spirited discussion during a Women & Politics event at Wich is Wich restaurant on February 5, 2018. At King’s, Dr. Newman is committed to teaching students to critically engage with, and in, the world of politics with special attention to issues of gender and diversity in both formal and informal politics.

During her talk, Dr. Newman challenged the audience with many questions about gender and politics. “It’s been 100 years since women got the vote. How are we still waiting to hit 30% of politicians being women?” She also said, “being an academic doesn’t mean I can’t be an activist. It means I must be an activist.”

The popular Twitter account for Women and Politics (@FemPoliLDN) tweeted out a thanks to Dr. Newman for “generating great dialogue about feminism, politics, precarious work, and the importance of disrupting the status quo.”

Dr. Newman is co-author of “Women, Politics and Public Policy: The Political Struggles of Canadian Women.” Her publications include work on gender politics, grassroots politics, and collective action. Her research is currently focusing on precarious work and how it’s gendered. At King’s, she teaches Introduction to Political Science; Women in Civic Leadership; Body Politics; Introduction to Comparative Politics; and Civil Society, Community and Democracy. 

Women Who Inspire is a speaker series created by Women & Politics London. Women & Politics London is a citizen-led initiative that works to engage and increase the participation of women with politics. The group hosts social events, develops educational resources, participates in political activities, and connects women with their community and each other.