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The exchange brings Canadian and Swedish students together to discuss constructions of childhood in both countries. Students participate in an intensive week of group learning, discussions and cultural immersion. The Swedish students were hosted at King’s from May 13-18. Students from King’s spent a week in Malmö in mid-June, 2018.

 “The exchange program is a unique opportunity for students from different cultures with common interests in childhood and society to study and learn from each other,” says Dr. Patrick Ryan, Associate Professor in Childhood and Social Institutions.

 “The experience has completely surpassed my expectations. I found myself graciously welcomed into an open, eager community of students who share my interests. I have not only come to understand how social institutions operate in Sweden, but have also been lucky enough to gain insight into the effectiveness of such practices through Swedish students’ perspectives,” said  Mackenzie Mountford, Year 4 Honors specialization in Childhood and Social Institutions.

During their week abroad, students from both Universities attend seminar classes twice a day for a total of 14 sessions.

The curriculum of the course depends on the instructors, but it always includes discussion of differences and similarities in childhood and social institutions (and wider issues of public policy and culture) between Canada and Sweden.  This year, the students are examining some challenging texts which analyze or utilize the thought of French philosopher, Michel Foucault.  

This exchange seminar began as a faculty exchange in 2009. Now, it is an intersession credit course.