Due to a change in the Canadian Revenue Agency’s (CRA) student bridging process, for the first time four BMOS Internship students from Western and its affiliate schools (two from King’s) have been offered conditional offers upon graduation.

Laura Jolliffe-O’Meara and Sandy Hanna, both fourth-year Accounting & BMOS students from King’s, join Adriana Erdman and James Lao on the list.

Jolliffe-O’Meara admits “it is such a relief to have a job prior to graduation and not have to scramble during my last year of school.”

“Not only am I grateful that I have a job upon graduation, it is with an organization that I am proud to work for,” Hanna says.

Hanna and Jolliffe-O’Meara worked for the CRA through an internship program. They had applied for the internship through Western’s Career Central website because the job sounded interesting and the roles and responsibilities were relevant to the accounting field.

After completing their internships, all four students were called to a meeting with the Director of Audit. They were informed the CRA wanted to offer them permanent jobs upon graduation, with the earliest start date being June 1, 2019.

Both Hanna and Jolliffe-O’Meara will begin their careers with the CRA as income tax auditors, performing audits on T1 (individual) and T2 (small corporations) tax returns.

Both list obtaining their Certified Public Accountant license as a career goal.

”I hope to get my CPA within 3 years after graduation. After that, I hope to work in many areas within the Canadian Revenue Agency such as Criminal Investigations Division, Offshore, and Large Case Files. I want to gain insight in each area of the CRA. I do hope to one day be a manager or team leader,” Jolliffe-O’Meara says.

Meanwhile, Hanna says “I hope to excel in my career at the CRA and get to experience different divisions, workload and positions during my time there. “

Studying at King’s has allowed both Jolliffe-O’Meara and Hanna to gain a solid grasp on their accounting knowledge, especially in tax, auditing and analyzing financial and bank statements, which will help them in their new roles and in preparation for the CPA exams.

Congratulations to Sandy and Laura!