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The Reverend Edward J.R. Jackman Reflection Room is a multipurpose space that students have used for reflection, quiet study and activities including yoga and meditation since it opened in 2014. The Reflection Room has now been revitalized with the goal to enhance the space and create a welcoming and updated space.

With the new furniture, there will be four additional seating options. There are new meditation cushions and 12 new yoga mats. Students will have access to fidget toys, books about mental health and wellness, and two binders of resources and supports. One binder will highlight resources and supports for members of the King’s community and the other will contain wellness and mental health worksheets. The Reflection Room also now contains a sound machine with various relaxing and soothing sounds.

The plan to revitalize the Reflection Room came from Laura Crowe, King’s University College Students’ Council (KUCSC), after hearing many students express how much they enjoyed the Reflection Room, as well as her ideas after she toured the space. When she saw the outdated furniture and an empty floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, she began to think of ways to improve the space.

Crowe worked on the project with Trista Reid, second-year Human Rights program student, Isabella Moyer , fourth-year Honors Double Major in English and Social Justice & Peace Studies, and Ali Walker, third-year BMOS specialization in HR student with a minor in Sociology.

“I thought by enhancing the space, we could revitalize the original intention of the room: to be a space for all members of the King's community to have a safe and quiet space to reflect, relax, and participate in gentle movement,” says Crowe.

Crowe says the hope is that this revitalization will impact the various needs that students may have during their time at King’s.

“We hope that students who struggle with sensory issues find this space to be a calm and relaxing environment. We hope students who need a quiet space find comfort in this room. We hope that students who want to partake in some gentle movement find solitude in this room and we hope that students who are interested in mindfulness or meditation know that this space is a great way to do that,” Crowe explains.

The Reflection Room is on the second floor of the Darryl J. King Student Life Centre. It was one of the key features of the Student Life Centre when it opened on January 8, 2014. This space is named in recognition of a donation from Reverend Edward J.R. Jackman.