March 19, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Congratulations to students in Psychology class 4694, taught by King’s Assistant Professor Dr. Marcie Penner-Wilger, who were awarded the Agnes Penner Prize on March 18th at King’s. This year’s recipients are Jesica Mikkila, Kendra Di Bacco and Myles Maillet.

The prize is awarded to the Applied Psychological Science project with the greatest potential to benefit society, as judged by a panel of community members. King’s student teams designed an awareness program for high school students to increase knowledge of mental health issues and reduce the associated stigma, designed a healthy-eating program for grade one students to increase knowledge and intake of fruits and vegetables, and designed a mentorship program for university students to increase student engagement and retention. 

For the winning project, Sowing Seeds - A Healthy Eating and Nutrition Program for Grade One Students - Jesica, Kendra and Miles designed a multi-component healthy eating and nutrition program targeting grade one students for elementary schools across Canada. Their program includes in-class activities, an indoor garden, and parent information pamphlets. The goals of the project are to increase student's fruit and vegetable intake, preferences and knowledge.