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A new online publication celebrates over 100 publications (books, chapters and articles) that were published by King’s full-time faculty during 2017. The King’s Peer Review is a compilation of abstracts of each of these publications.

The King’s Peer Review aims to recognize and celebrate the breadth and depth of the research undertaken by King’s talented scholars. It provides a platform for faculty to share research with the King’s community.

The inaugural edition of The King’s Peer Review is divided into five broad themes:

  1. Work, Health, and Family
  2. Literature, History, and Culture
  3. Law, Politics, and Social Justice
  4. Philosophy, Religion, and Spirituality
  5. Science, Education, and Metrics.

Within each theme, publications are presented in alphabetical order according to author.

Dr. Joseph Michalski, Associate Academic Dean and Chair of the Faculty Research Activities Committee (FRAC) and Dr. Jennifer Jeffrey, Assistant Professor in Economics, Business and Math, led the development of this project. FRAC aims to promote research and scholarship at King’s.

King’s is proud to be home to so many dedicated scholars as they further their research on important topics.

 Read The King’s Peer Review.