May 24, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Starting in September 2019, King’s will offer a certificate and diploma in Refugees, Migration and Forced Displacement through the Social Justice and Peace Studies (SJPS) department.

This program will engage students on issues of global migration but focus specifically on those challenges and opportunities for local communities that are welcoming newcomers. 

“Migration and immigration are key issues in our communities today.  We developed this certificate and diploma program within an interdisciplinary focus to study the social impacts of migration from different perspectives, and to encourage students to analyze policies, laws and international agreements that influence how immigrants are welcomed into our communities,” says Dr. Allyson Larkin, Associate Professor, Social Justice and Peace Studies.

Both the certificate and diploma programs require students to take five of a wide range of courses related to immigration, migration and refugee experiences. The certificate program can be taken by undergraduate students, while the diploma program is designed to meet the needs of post-graduate students.

The emphasis within the course of study for both the certificate and diploma is on the application of theory to social practice.

According to Dr. Larkin, “we hope to attract students from a wide range of studies because it is an interdisciplinary and innovative program.  In addition to attracting students and alumni working with immigrant communities, this program will also be of value for those interested in policy, law, education, healthcare, environment and other fields.”

Students will have opportunities for community placements with organizations who are serving newcomers (immigrant, migrant and refugee) in Southwestern Ontario. Both at the local and international level, students will have the opportunity to get a wide range of experiences with professionals and organizations working in different capacities related to immigration, migration and forced displacement.  

“Our hope is that this program will give students a breadth and depth of experiences that will provide both a conceptual and practical toolkit that will be applicable in a wide range of employment fields,” says Dr. Larkin.

“King’s generally, and Social Justice and Peace Studies specifically, have a longstanding commitment to academic excellence, as well as developing strong relationships with our community partners.  We strive to prepare our students to be leaders who understand the challenges we face related to justice and equity in our communities and who have the ability to respond thoughtfully and effectively to these events,” says Dr. Larkin.

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