July 4, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

By Rachel Ganzewinkel, Communications intern

Dr. Benjamin Muller was invited to present at a NATO-sponsored (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) workshop on the topic of Counterterrorism and Border Security. Dr. Muller’s presentation, entitled “Drones, databases and deterrence”, focused on the implications of increased reliance of military technologies in border security, particularly surveillance, identification technologies and drones.

This workshop was held at the University of Texas at El Paso from June 8-9, 2017 A tour of the port of entry/border facility, El Paso-Juárez, with US Customs and Border Protection was included In attendance were representatives from NATO and speakers and attendees from 10 different countries.

Not only was Dr. Muller representing King’s in El Paso with his research but he was also asked by INTERPOL to produce an expert research report that is to be included in materials for INTERPOL World 2017 held in Singapore, July 4-6, 2017. Dr. Muller’s report entitled, “Harmonizing Global Biometric Standards: Challenges and Possibilities”, discusses the possibilities and impediments of global harmonization and standardization of biometrics.