September 19, 2023 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

With a new fall term comes changes to King’s, and those changes include where our students and employees can get something to eat while on campus.

Ah-So Sushi was in the Thames Market in Wemple Hall for many years. Initially, the locally owned and operated company shipped food in for sale but eventually, King’s created a space for their chef to be on site. Starting this term, they are now operating in Labatt Hall.

Kelly Rapson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Ah-So Sushi, says that Ah-So Sushi uses products of the highest quality with all the cutting and carving done right on site. “We start from scratch every day. We take pride in our quality and freshness,” Rapson says. It’s something students have already recognized. “King’s students are smart and will recognize quality,” she adds.

While Ah-So Sushi makes and sells their products in the Labatt Hall location, their sushi is also available at Thames Market in Wemple Hall and at Café 54 in the Student Life Centre (SLC). “It’s kind of like three-stop shopping that students can access,” Robson explains.

Rapson says her staff are enjoying the new space. “Our staff just likes being engaged with the students,” she says. She says her staff are often approached by students, asking for directions, so it has been a learning process for everyone. The new location has also been a hit with students. “They like the personal touch and the customer service we provide and they like to see the energy and the colour,” says Rapson.

One of Ah-So’s biggest sellers is bubble tea, a tea-based drink brought to North America from Taiwan in the 1990s. “It’s an experience-based drink. It’s very trendy and mainstream,” says Rapson. She explains the appeal is that customers can customize their drink – “kids like to make choices” – with many flavours and toppings and, because it is fully sealed, “customers can grab it and go.” 

King’s Food Services has been extremely helpful throughout the process of moving from Wemple to Labatt Hall. “They continue to ask, ‘What do you need? How can we help?’” Rapson explains.

A new offering, Twisted Beet, has also opened in the Thames Market in Wemple Hall. This offers options for customers with specific dietary preferences or restrictions and is mainly focused on Plant based menu options. 

“King’s Food Services is always looking for ways to support (our community) and with Twisted Beet, we are able to support all of our vegan, vegetarian, no gluten, nut- and dairy-free consumers,” says Luisa Iarusso of Aramark Foods.

The King’s community now has three locations – The Thames Market in Wemple Hall, Café 54 in the Student Life Centre and Ah So Sushi in Labatt Hall – where they can get something to eat while on campus. Learn more about food options on our website.