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A group of 14 MOS students enrolled in Global Supply Chain Management got the chance to enhance their classroom learning by experiencing how global supply chains work in the real world.

MOS 3332A students visited StarTech in London along with Professor Felipe Rodriques and MOS coordinator, Dr. Sergio Janczak. Star Tech is a London-based company that has grown to be a global supplier of computer parts with locations around the world. The founders met as students at Western University in the 1980s.

“I believe that these visits provide students with the opportunity to see global supply chains in practice. They help students consolidate their knowledge as well as allow them to network with supply chain professionals from successful companies in our community,” said Prof. Rodriques.

The students enjoyed a series of presentations by the StarTech leadership team including the Chief Operations Officer, Jeff Brodie and the Cathy Turcotte, Manager of Supply Chain. These presentations gave students an inside look to topics such as Vendor Management, Forecasting, Purchasing, Vendor Management Inventory, Operations and Supply Chain Strategy.

Chris Henderson, Senior Forecasting analyst at StarTech hosted the King’s students and faculty. After treating them to lunch, Henderson escorted the group on a tour of StarTech warehousing facilities.

The course description for MOS 3332A states, “Due to globalization of commerce, a good understanding of international standards is necessary to ensure that companies can make effective and profitable decisions. MOS 3332A teaches students how to formulate cost-effective strategies for the movement of goods and services across international borders, taking into account regulatory and documentation requirements.”

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