King’s will offer a virtual welcome to approximately 40 children, from Grades 1 through 8, to this year’s London Interfaith Peace Camp (LIPC). The London Interfaith Peace Camp is a week-long collaborative community project that encourages understanding and cooperation among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith groups, and rooted in the shared values of these Abrahamic traditions.
“More than ever before, LIPC continues to promote a message of peace and understanding between the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As part of King’s mission in creating an inclusive and empowering space for students, the LIPC team works diligently to make sure that participants learn lessons about building peace and engage in interactive presentations and conversations with one another,” says Maija Wilson, Coordinator of LIPC and Campus Minister to Youth at King’s.

The camp will take place August 23-27, 2021. Registration will remain open until Sunday, August 22. To receive an LIPC kit prior to camp, registration must take place before August 18.
For the second year, LIPC will take place over Zoom. The theme for this year’s camp is Faith and Wellness. “We will take a closer look at the Golden Rule in each of the Abrahamic faiths and how we can live this peaceful message on a day-to-day basis.Get ready to learn through several different activities, crafts, games, cooking and more,” says Wilson.
In organizing this year’s camp, Wilson and volunteers, including 25 counsellors, will receive support from Rabbi Debra Dressler (Judaism), Shahin Pardhan (Islam) and Pastor Charleen Jongejan Harder (Christian) along with others.  “We are getting excited to welcome families from each of these faith traditions,” says Wilson.
The camp will feature interactive webinars with motivational speakers such as Andy Thibodeau ’93 of Andy’s Impact Presentations and local organizations like Growing Chefs! Ontario.
In 2016, the camp was awarded the Diversity, Race Relations and Inclusivity Award by the City of London.