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Students in Childhood and Youth Studies (CYS) are on two international exchanges this spring, one with Malmö University in Sweden (May 20-27) and another with Winchester University in England (May 27-June 3). Dr. Patrick Ryan, Associate Professor/Department Chair, will be the instructor in Sweden and Dr. Daniella Bendo, Assistant Professor, will be the instructor in England. These are reciprocal visits since the Swedish students visited King's from May 7-13 and British students visited the following week.

“Because the programs at the universities have similar goals and students, but operate in different national contexts, drawing together students in a comparative seminar was of mutual benefit,” says Dr. Ryan.

In each exchange, eight King’s students will learn about and compare policies, child-focused institutions and discourses that pertain to children and youth in Canada to international contexts.

“The exchanges enable students to translate childhood and youth theories into practice as they explore policies and visit child- and youth-based sites locally and at an international level,” says Dr. Bendo.

CYS students Stephanie Kamimura and Emily Thuss are both anticipating to the opportunities presented by these experiential learning trips.

Kamimura is looking forward to comparing the differences in how young people are viewed, treated and engaged in Canada and England. “Being able to better understand the education systems and early childhood care will open my eyes to what our country or province can improve on or do differently to ensure children’s voices are heard in their care and education,” says Kamimura.

The exchanges also provide a chance for the students to engage in social and professional networking in an international context. 

Kamimura wants to explore this opportunity, as she is thinking of completing a master’s program in Europe. “Learning from other educators and peers is incredibly valuable as it provides new perspectives and lived experiences that are transferrable as new knowledge,” says Kamimura.

In addition to expanding her knowledge of international understandings and practices of childhood and youth studies, Thuss hopes to make meaningful connections with the students from Sweden and learn with and from their faculty.

“At King’s, especially in the Childhood and Youth Studies program, there is a sense of community in every class you take. This community atmosphere will only grow when getting to know my classmates from King’s and Sweden through this exchange,” says Thuss.  

 “I am also excited to be able to share King’s and Canada with the students from Sweden,” she adds.

King’s is committed to internationalization and intercultural learning and has exchange agreements with over 50 universities in 25 countries. More information about these exchanges can be found on our website.