November 19, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Jack Gilson, a first-year Social Justice and Peace Studies student, is a recipient of the King’s Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario Entrance Award.

Gilson says he is honoured that his high school, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, recognized him for this award. “What makes it extra meaningful is that it isn’t an award based solely on academic merit, but my personal qualities and actions they feel made me a good candidate,” he says.

The recipient of three entrance scholarships and awards at King’s, Gilson says receiving the awards allows him to focus on his classes instead of needing to get a job.  “As a first-year student, my academics are my priority,” he says.

Upon visiting King’s while in Grade 9, Gilson says he knew it would be an environment where he would be able to succeed and was very excited to learn about the Social Justice and Peace Studies program. As someone who is looking for a career in education, Gilson says Social Justice and Peace Studies is “perfect because it has a great pathway for entering into teachers college after my undergrad.  I love the flexibility the program offers, so if my goals were ever to change I could easily my studies in Social Justice and Peace Studies for jobs in law or politics, which are two other fields I’m interested in,” he explains.

Although this isn’t the first year he envisioned, Gilson says he is thoroughly enjoying his studies. “All of my professors have been very accommodating and have worked hard to make sure this is a successful year for everyone,” he says.

King’s University College offers entrance awards of $500 to be awarded to each recipient of The Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario Student Awards who applies and registers at King’s. The students who receive awards from the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario are recognized for their academic achievement as well as their significant contributions to their school, parish and community. In support of the Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario, King’s wishes to recognize these exceptional students and encourage them to join King’s for their university studies.

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