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On November 6, 2019, King’s welcomed Grade 9 students connected to our staff and faculty, to tour our campus and find out what future careers were possible at King’s as part of “Take Our Kids To Work Day.”

Organizers Erin Wilson and Lisa Bayer of Human Resources at King’s prepared a full itinerary. As part of the event, the students received a campus tour and met with members of our staff, including:

  • Paul Wilton to learn about careers in Enrolment Service
  • Chris MacNeil to learn about careers in Physical Plant and the role tradespeople play in keeping our campus safe, beautiful and healthy
  • Tosha Densky to learn about careers in Social Work and in King’s School of Social Work
  • Todd Morrison to discuss careers in Information Technology and learn about the technology needed to keep our campus running
  • Doug Mantle to learn about Assistive Technologies and the role of an Assistive Technologist at King’s

The students were treated to lunch in the Wemple Cafeteria and spent the afternoon shadowing King’s faculty and staff to learn what they did at King’s.

Launched in 1994, “Take Our Kids to Work Day” is now a yearly event, with over 200,000 children participating worldwide annually. The event was developed to assist in the career development plans of Grade 9 students. It demonstrates the importance of education, skills development and training and it affords students the opportunity to experience the world of work and a variety of career opportunities to assist them with their future career planning. It also emphasizes the fact that education goes beyond the classroom and to see the practical side of what they learn in school.