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Launched in fall 2021, the King’s Promise guarantees meaningful employment within six months of graduation, and for those who do not secure a job, King’s provides additional undergraduate courses and career preparation tuition-free for up to one year post-graduation. The King’s Promise prepares students for the workforce by offering a range of programming created or supported by King’s, that helps students build their Linkedin profile, improve their interview skills, and develop their networks.

The core of the program is the success of the students, but it also benefits the community by developing change-makers and thought leaders who will positively impact London. Local employers also benefit from a better understanding of the skills King’s students bring to the workforce.

The King’s Promise received praise from former London Mayor Ed Holder, who stated, “The benefits of the King’s Promise Program are immense and extend far beyond the institution and the graduates themselves … All Londoners reap the rewards of the positive impacts these graduates inevitably wind up making here in our community.”

But there was also a promise to students, and with the first King’s Promise students graduating as part of the Spring 2024 Convocation, King’s and the greater London community will now see the benefits of the King’s Promise.

Shuai Chen, Specialization in Finance and Administration, and Jackson Pfaff, Specialization in Financial Economics with a Minor in Analytical and Decision Sciences, are two graduates from the inaugural cohort.  Both feel very honoured to be among the first King’s Promise graduates.

“This achievement not only underscores my commitment to professional growth but also sets a positive example for future students,” says Chen.

Chen was drawn to the King’s Promise because it offered a structured pathway to enhance his career readiness and professional skills. “The support and resources offered by the King's Promise were also a major factor in my decision, as they ensured I could effectively navigate my career path with confidence and clarity,” he says.

“The King’s Promise program significantly enriched my King’s experience by providing practical, hands-on learning opportunities that complemented my academic studies. The structure ensured that I could integrate theory with practice, making my overall learning experience more comprehensive and impactful,” says Chen.

Jenny Richmond-Bravo, Experiential Learning Coordinator and King’s Promise Developer, highlighted the program's impact: “These students are leaving King’s with increased awareness of their transferrable skills and of the interconnected ways that their studies, career aspirations, and community connections can all come together in their job search efforts or future grad school applications.”

Pfaff wanted to stay in the London area and start working immediately after graduation. The King’s Promise provided practical, hands-on learning opportunities that complemented his academic studies.

“The program's focus on experiential learning, pre-employment skills, and career development aligned perfectly with my goal of becoming well-prepared for the competitive job market in the finance industry,” says Chen. Pfaff says these opportunities made his experience at King’s “more like a community than just a school.”

Chen is now pursuing an entry-level position, while Pfaff is working towards his Chartered Financial Analyst designation and plans to attend Western’s Master of Financial Economics program in the fall. He aspires to work as a financial analyst or in a consulting role.

Chen emphasized that the King’s Promise has been instrumental in his personal development, providing valuable opportunities to enhance his career skills and gain real-world experience. “These benefits have prepared me well for the job market and future professional challenges. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally,” he says.

“From school and life lessons to meeting new people, the King’s Promise will enhance your university experience and work prospects,” says Pfaff.

Richmond-Bravo concluded, “This is an exciting time as these students will showcase to the local community how talented and capable King’s graduates are, and hopefully, this will inspire more local employer partners to get involved with our career development initiatives.”