August 23, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

King's second-year English students, Alysia Lewis and Kajol Ratanjankar, are taking off on an exchange to Daego, South Korea on Saturday, August 25, and returning to King's in July, 2014.  Lewis and Ratanjankar will be studying at Yeungnam University throughout the academic year.

From Newmarket, Ontario, Lewis is looking forward to immersing herself in a new culture and getting to know students at the University.  Ratanjankar, born in India but also a resident of the Bahamas, feels this opportunity will allow her to learn another language while exploring a career as an English teacher.

"There are a few reasons that I chose to do my exchange in South Korea, but the main ones are to broaden my experience with Eastern cultures and to challenge myself," says Ratanjankar. "I became very curious about South Korea ever since I befriended an Korean exchange student, Minhee Park. Suddenly I found myself wanting to learn the language, the culture, the political situation and the media! And what better way to learn about a country than living there? When I found heard of the exchange opportunity at King's, I grabbed it. Career wise, Alysia and I are hoping to teach English communication to the students at Yeungnam and thus explore are abilities in a teaching profession, as we are both looking into teaching as a future career."

Exchange programs at King's offer current students the opportunity to study at an international partner university that has an exchange agreement with King's University College.  You can study for one term/semester, for an academic year or during the summer.  You remain registered at King's and your course credits abroad are transferred to your degree. 

King's International Exchange Program benefits students academically, professionally and personally.  This is a chance to enhance global awareness, build international connections and have an experience of a lifetime!

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