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An established course at King’s was given a new look with the introduction of the latest technology. MOS2200: Cross-Cultural Management Relationships was developed 10 years ago by Dr. Sergio Janczak, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship in the School of Management, Economics, and Mathematics (MEM). During Intersession 2023, Dr. Janczak decided to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically ChatGPT into the course. MOS2200 became the first course at King’s to use ChatGPT to offer an innovative approach to learning by leveraging the power of AI and anthropology.

Students in the course applied AI and digital platforms to enhance their cultural intelligence. They learned to utilize ChatGPT and other AI tools to gather and analyze cross-cultural data, identify patterns, and make informed decisions. “By embracing technological advancements, students can gain a competitive edge in the global business landscape and develop the skills necessary to lead diverse teams and navigate complex cultural dynamics,” says Dr. Janczak.

He explains that MOS2200 focused on understanding and navigating diverse cultures by examining the metaphors generated by ChatGPT for multiple cultures. “By comparing these metaphors, students gained valuable insights into the underlying values, beliefs, and behaviours of different societies, enabling them to develop a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and adapt their management strategies accordingly,” says Dr. Janczak.

MOS2200 also explored how new rules are created by ChatGPT based on its originally learned rules. By studying this process, students gained a profound understanding of how cultures evolve and adapt over time. They learned to analyze and interpret how cultural norms, practices, and expectations are shaped by both historical traditions and contemporary influences. This knowledge will equip students with the tools to effectively navigate cultural change and harness the power of technology to bridge cultural gaps.

“An essential component of the course is the integration of new technologies when learning how to cope with unknown cultures,” says Dr. Janczak.

The course emphasized the significance of non-verbal communication and its impact on intercultural interactions. Students explored how non-verbal cues vary across cultures and how misinterpretations can arise due to cultural differences. They learned to recognize and adapt their own non-verbal communication style, as well as interpret the non-verbal cues of individuals from different cultural backgrounds. This enhances their ability to build rapport, establish trust, and foster effective cross-cultural collaborations.

“The first course on cross-cultural management using ChatGPT at King’s provided students with a unique and immersive learning experience,” says Dr. Janczak. He adds that the small class size provided the incentive to introduce the technology to the long-standing course. “It is nice to try a new perspective when teaching a small group,” he says.

Dr. Janczak says he will definitely continue to incorporate the use of technology in future courses. "No doubt about it. Integrating AI in essay courses has become a mandatory part of them. AI is a copilot of any written activity, it is like a word spelling tool inside Word. Students will accelerate their learning by smartly use AI to help them," he says.