February 8, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

For the first time, a King’s club is now able to manage a real investment portfolio. King’s Capital Management (KCM), formerly known as King's Investment Club, has been restructured this year. The club now has access to a monetary fund which will be used to buy stocks, shares and bonds.

The fund is managed by students of multiple backgrounds, from first year to last year and from various programs, not just Management and Organizational Studies students. Club members meet weekly to gauge the financial markets. Then they decide which stocks to purchase. This format gives students hands-on investment experience and allows them to exercise their quantitative, analytic, and problem-solving skills.

Jennifer Tran, Marketing Manager for KCM says, “this club is a great opportunity for students looking to build their financial background experience. It gives students the capability to make financially responsible decisions and manage assets wisely.”

 King's Capital Management portfolio is solely focused on socially responsible investing through exchange-traded funds. This investment strategy is a sustainable method that is continuously growing in popularity among all types of investors. Socially responsible investing considers numerous factors from environmental protection, social practices, and governance issues, among many other things that could be deemed to be unethical.

King's Capital Management is open to all King`s students in any discipline. It is just one of the many clubs operated by the King’s University College Students’ Council.

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