April 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

The inaugural issue of the King’s Undergraduate Research Journal, a multi-media digital publication has been released at www.kings.uwo.ca/kurj/. The collection of articles that have been curated to form this publication come from a variety of departments including Sociology, Political Science, Social Justice & Peace Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies. The articles touch on a wide variety of research on diverse topics such as Youth and Illicit Drug Representations in Canadian Print Media to an Account of Ethical Evolution.

The digital publication is accompanied by engaging thesis videos created by Adrian Ryan and portrait photographs of the authors by Nicole De Khors and Michael Chang. The entire team has worked to create a fresh take on what an academic publication can be.

The Journal was the brainchild of King’s students Amir Farahi and Cameron Sheeler. The inaugural edition was tirelessly edited by Sheeler, Candidate 2017, Honors Specialization in Political Science and Minor in Economics. His goal was to reflect and share the hard work of his classmates and recent King’s alumni to a wider audience. “Most importantly, however, these articles are a reflection of every aspect of King’s that so eloquently allows students to grow as individuals, as academics, as leaders, and as members of a community,” says Sheeler. “These articles represent the distinct relationship King’s students have with their professors and the deep levels of inquiry and debate that bring our campus to life,” he adds.

The production of the journal was supported by the King’s University Students’ Council, King’s Academic Dean’s office, King’s faculty and King’s ITS and Communications departments.