March 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

By Natalia Otten, Communications Intern

King’s student Bassel Kadri, is one of six co-owners of dunya., a London, Ontario based street wear company.

Dunya. Streetwear was founded in September 2016 and is currently working towards releasing their 3rd clothing collection. The brand is rooted deep in the city of London since all six co-creators are from the Forest City and surrounding areas. Although they are invested into the unique portrayal of City of London, they are incorporating Middle Eastern cultures in to their logo. Since London has a large Arabic population and the majority of the co-creators have some sort of Middle Eastern background, they wanted to incorporate the Arabic language into their clothing designs. Through this, they are looking to support the Arabic population in London, and hopefully reduce the stigma towards the cultures.

The message of unity, religion and culture is expressed through dunya. Streetwear and it stems directly from Kadri’s political science program that he is taking at King’s. Through political science, Kadri has gained knowledge that has him invested in politics and issues going around the area. With the rise of islamophobia, Kadri hope’s that “through dunya. we can reduce the negative stigma towards the Islamic cultures and Middle Eastern countries here in London.”

Kadri explains how King’s directly represents what the dunya. brand is all about, “King’s is big on multiculturalism and we like to portray that through our clothing.” Kadri mentions how much he appreciates King’s going out of their way to have events like multicultural days and the cultural festival. dunya. also takes on a philanthropic aspect by donating $1 from every item ordered after a clothing line is released to a local charity, with hopes of giving back to the community and to fellow students as well.

Currently, dunya. has released two unique clothing lines, the Richmond Collection and the Unity Collection, and are looking to release another one this coming spring. They hope to also start selling accessories like bracelets and necklaces after receiving feedback from their customers in the London area.

Bassel Kadri is a 3rd year Political Science student at King’s. He is focusing on areas of American politics as well as Middle Eastern politics.


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