April 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

By Taylor Rummell, Communications Intern

On March 8th, Western University hosted the Researching International and Contemporary Education (RICE) Panel: Populism, post-truth and politics of division event. The panel included Rezevan Shahsavari Googhari, Dr. James Compton, Dr. Marianna Larsen and Dr. David Heap from Western University, Dr. Ingrid Mattson from Huron University College and Dr. Allyson Larkin from King’s University College.

The speakers were chosen based on their interests in democracy, politics, education, religion and other key issues that are affected by the rhetoric agenda advanced by the new US administration. “I was delighted to work with such esteemed colleagues,” Dr. Larkin said. When asked what made her want to take part in this panel she said, “I think it is important to keep a public dialogue focused on the implications of the language used by leaders, decisions made by government bodies and to know which outside interests are seeking to influence policy at this time.”

The audience of graduate students and faculty from Western University heard the panellists give an eight-minute rapid response on democracy as Liberal Western democracies are overwhelmed with the discussions of politics and troubling issues and situations. “It’s not just a U.S. issue; there are and will be implications for Canada which must be considered and this panel was one opportunity for students and faculty to share their concerns and insights,” Dr. Larkin said. “It was a diverse panel and each member touched on different aspects of concern: the travel ban, international Women’s Day, the rise and influence of the Alt-right movement, deregulation of key departments and more.”