By Nola Cheng, King’s China Communications Assistant

Congratulations to Jihuai Yang, a Management and Organizational Studies Honors Double Major in the Global Commerce and Finance program, 2017. He has been accepted into the Master of International Business Program at the Smith
School of Business at Queen’s University.

Yang was originally from Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU). CTBU has a partnership with the Global Commerce and Finance program which is widely recognized at both King’s University College and CTBU.

Yang was extremely successful in his studies at King’s. He received a Continuing Scholarship Award and was also named to the Dean’s Honor roll for the 2015/2016 academic year. He also received the International Experience Award in 2017. Yang was hired to be a teaching assistant in his third year at King’s. In addition to his academic achievements, Yang has contributed to the community. He believes that engaging international students in social activities, both on and off-campus, can provide them with a broader view of Western culture and enrich their lives in their community. “Lots of my friends here volunteer their time. I found that being a volunteer provides me an opportunity to meet new friends and build my social network which I think is really important in adapting to a new environment,” says Yang.

Through holding information sessions, Yang helped international students adapt to Western culture and build their social and professional networks. He also helped patients at St. Joseph’s Health Care. When asked about the challenges of being an international student, Yang says, “as an international student, I understand the difficulties in studying overseas without support from family and friends, and I know the situations newcomers may be faced with. I hope my experiences and encouragement can help and inspire other students. We should be open to experiencing different cultures which can lead us to a quick adaptation of this new environment.”

Yang is highly praised by his professors and other students. They regard him as a well-rounded and kind-hearted student who always cares about others and is willing to contribute to the community. We hope that Yang’s experiences will inspire other students to explore new opportunities and make full use of their time at King’s and eventually pave the way for a bright future.