February 18, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

To the London Community,

As the leaders of London’s post-secondary institutions, we are standing up together against racism. It is unacceptable for our students to be subjected to acts of racism in the city where they choose to make a home. We are hearing reports from our students today of an incident involving a local London restaurant. As leaders of London’s post-secondary institutions, we have an obligation to call out racism when we become aware of it. The multiculturalism of our students contributes so much to the cultural fabric of our society. As a country made up of Indigenous people and settlers how can we do anything but embrace our diversity as it enriches every aspect of the Canadian mosaic? We urge you to join us and call out racism when you see it, to be vocal when the dignity of anyone is questioned, whether it is the colour of their skin, the deity they worship or the people they love. Our collective mandate as post-secondary institutions is to foster understanding and acceptance through our teaching and research endeavours in peace and with respect. Racism has no place in this city, this province, this country.


David Malloy, Principal, King’s University College

Alan Shepard, President and Vice-Chancellor, Western University

Cheryl Jensen, Interim Principal, Brescia University College

Barry Craig, President, Huron University College

Peter Devlin, President, Fanshawe College