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The head soph team is a group of student leaders that have been carefully selected and are receiving extensive training this summer. They will train and support all sophs as they work together to provide social and academic help to first year students during O-Week and beyond.

Meet your 2018 head soph team! (From left to right)

-Carson Cooper (Programming Assistant)
-Brianne Little (Programming Assistant)
-Serena Di Cicco (Head Soph)
-Sarah Van Eerdewijk (Programming Assistant)
-Taylor Simpson (Programming Assistant)

"Sophing has shown us how close the King’s community is, and gives us the opportunity to give back. The reason that we soph is to help welcome incoming students into the King’s family. Our goal as a team is to make sure that every incoming student feels like they belong, and help give them the tools they need to succeed during their time here. We cannot wait for O-Week!" said the head soph team during their training retreat with head sophs from Western, Huron and Brescia.

Some of the responsibilities of sophs are to ensure that all first-year students feel welcomed to King’s. Sophs provide information about on and off-campus resources. They will connect with first-year students throughout the year. Most of all, sophs provide a support network for first-year students.

After Orientation Week, sophs transition to a yearlong support role for new students. This support role includes regular contact with first year students, participation in programming events, and referring students to campus and community resources.

Find out about all the resources and supports for incoming students at King’s.