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Pine Channel 2014

On Wednesday July 2, 2014, ten King’s Students and two faculty supervisors left the comforts of Southwestern Ontario and flew to Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan for 14 days of catechesis work and inculturation immersion. The experiential learning course “Inculturation and Spirituality” is in its third consecutive year and is currently a cross-disciplinary credit in both Social Work and Religious Studies. Each year, King’s University College sends a few students to northern reserves in Saskatchewan to become sensitized to Native culture and grow deeper in their own faith and understanding of self. The second portion of the trip includes a pilgrimage to Pine Channel, an island that borders the Northwest Territories. The Church’s relationship with Canada’s First Nation’s Peoples is one in continual need of reconciliation. This experiential learning excursion offers students the opportunity to rebuild relationships in northern communities, Denesuline, and truly understand the Christian idea of “mission” within a Canadian context.


By: Chanelle Robinson, 4th year Catholic Studies for Teachers Program.