April 26, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

King’s second-year student, Natalie Garrison, will present her research findings on gender and municipal policy making to the City of London Corporate Services today, April 26, 2016, at noon in the Council Chambers.

Garrison studies Social Justice & Peace Studies as well as Political Science at King’s. This past term she has also been an intern for London city councillor Virginia Ridley through the municipal internship program which pairs young women with female city councillors. In that capacity, and through her academic studies, Garrison has developed a gender lens toolkit for municipalities. The kit provides ways for city councillors and policy-makers to evaluate municipal policy to include how it impacts citizens based on their gender. Examples include transportation policies to provide greater safety for women when travelling at night.

Garrison will present her findings and suggestions to the Corporate Services of London City Council in the Council Chambers. Garrison has tied her research to the City of London’s Strategic Plan of 2015-19.
In the past year, London’s Deputy Mayor Maureen Cassidy presented a motion that city policy development should consider gender impact. However, at that time, council debated at length on how to implement such a consideration. Garrison is hopeful that her toolkit will provide some direction.