August 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

As faith leaders in this community, we are deeply horrified and saddened that a gathering of white-supremacists is being planned for this Saturday in the City of London.

We stand together today, as faith leaders from synagogues, churches and mosques in the City of London, united with faith leaders from across this country, to strongly condemn racism in all its forms.

We stand together in recognition that we are created equal and we celebrate and honour the dignity of all people. We stand in solidarity knowing too that we belong to each other and, therefore, when one of us is being marginalized or threatened, we are all marginalized and threatened.

We call on people of faith and good will, to join us in our prayer for peace and our work for justice.

The Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning

Situated at King’s University College, The Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning (CJCML) is dedicated to building bridges of mutual understanding and profound respect among Jews, Catholics and Muslims. The CJCML hosts several events throughout the year to achieve these goals, including The London Interfaith Peace Camp (LIPC), a collaborative community project that encourages understanding and cooperation among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith groups.

King’s University College

King's is a Catholic University College committed to the ongoing creation of a vital academic community animated by a Christian love of learning and the pursuit of truth. The College strives to foster an environment based on open inquiry, Christian values and service to the larger community.