June 17, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Dr. Joseph Turnbull and Dr. Jacquetta Newman were both awarded the Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Turnbull received the award for part-time faculty and Dr. Newman received the award for full-time faculty.

Dr. Turnbull teaches mathematics in the department of Economics, Business and Math. Dr. Newman is the chair in the department of Political Science. She teaches Canadian Government and Politics, Comparative Politics of Protest and Social Justice, Women and Politics, Comparative Politics, and Introduction to Politics.

The awards were presented on June 14, 2016 at Alumni Hall, Western during convocation ceremonies for King’s students. Dr. Sauro Camiletti, Vice-Principal and Academic Dean, presented Doctors Turnbull and Newman their awards. 

In his citation for Dr. Turnbull, Dr. Camiletti outlined Dr. Turnbull’s beliefs that the ideal university graduate should be adaptive, collaborative and capable of applying knowledge in disparate fields. “To this end he promotes peer teaching, study groups, collaborative learning and other modes of exploration and technology that bring learning beyond the classroom. He provides countless review sessions, drop-in sessions in the library and opportunities for mock examinations. His students describe him as an outstanding teacher who is passionate, inspirational and who consistently exceeds the expectations of any teaching position,” stated Dr. Camiletti.

Dr. Newman was honoured for her ability to “combine dedication, enthusiasm, extraordinary expertise, research and consummate teaching skill to create high impact learning environments in her Political Science courses. These are characterized by spirited debate, weekly reflection and opinion papers, and simulations. In her House of Commons simulation, for example, a student may play the role of leader of the opposition or even Prime Minister. Outside the classroom she leads numerous experiential learning trips, employs students as research assistants and prepares students to present at conferences,” stated Dr. Camiletti

Both professors make a positive difference in the lives of their students. King’s wishes a warm congratulation to both Dr. Turnbull and Dr. Newman.