December 14, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Contributed by Ishita Kumar, second-year Honors Economics student

The Economics, Business and Math Department at King’s provided its students with the opportunity to meet King’s alumni whocompleted an Economics major and pursued graduate studies. The event held at the Student Life Centre, was attended by several professors from the department as well as many upper-year Economics  students. The guest speakers included the following:

Kaysi Lama  ‘16 – Master’s in Information System Management, Specialization in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Carnegie Mellon

Tingting Zhang ’16 – Master’s in Economics, McGill University

Yina Qiao ’10 – Ph.D. Candidate, Economics, Western University

Each speaker shared a short presentation on his or her experiences with graduate studies. An extensive Q&A session followed every presentation. This allowed current students to clarify information regarding the admissions process, grad school life and more. The professors in attendance actively shared their personal experiences in graduate schools and provided valuable advice to the students. 

This event allowed EBM students who are considering pursuing continuing studies to talk on a one-on-one basis with King’s alumni, learn the differences between Canadian and American graduate schools and to hear what life after King’s might look like for them. Daniel Khayat, a third year Economics and Psychology student says, “It was a first-hand recollection of the sacrifices and satisfaction that come being grad student. It was insightful and informative. I was very pleased to have been part of this info session.”

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