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With great pride, the King’s community came together to install David C. Malloy, PhD as the ninth principal of King’s University College, during a ceremony on October 16, 2019. The ceremony included an evening prayer and installation at The Chapel at Windermere on the Mount. The Installation was led by Reverend Mark Sargent, Chair, Board of Directors, King’s University College, and included Hailley White, President, King’s University College Students’ Council.  The evening prayer service was led by Reverend Michael Bechard, Director of Campus Ministry at King’s. Choir and orchestral music was arranged by Janet Loo, Campus Minister and Director of the King’s University College Chamber Choir.

Dr. Malloy offered those in attendance the opportunity to rededicate themselves to King’s purpose and mission “of taking special care to not only develop our students’ intellectual capabilities but also to fostering within them a sense of right values and an ability to judge well.”

Members of the King’s community, including students, faculty, staff and Board members were in attendance, joining members of Dr. Malloy’s family. Also in attendance were Bishop Ronald Peter Fabbro of the Diocese of London; London Mayor Ed Holder; Peter Fragiskatos ’04, MP - North London Centre; Terence Kernaghan, MPP - London North Centre; and Phil Squire, City Councillor for Ward 6.

In speaking to the assembly, Dr. Malloy expressed that “what makes King’s unique is the interaction between the values of the Liberal Arts – critical thinking, inclusion, diversity, & curiosity – and those values rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition: to value every person and to value them holistically, to embrace uncomfortable truths and to do so through a dialogue of inclusion rather than division by embracing both/and rather than either/or. The result of this alchemy is an ethos of caring and educating; of authenticity and effectiveness; of skill and meaning that is embraced by our faculty, our staff and our students.  This ethos is reflected in the way in which we perceive our students and each other - not as means to ends or as empty vessels to be filled or automatons to be processed for the workforce, but rather as unique individuals in the process of becoming. ”

“So at one functional level, we teach, we research, and we prepare our students for their careers and we do this very well by all measures. At a higher level, we work to instil a search for meaning …of becoming,” said Dr. Malloy, later adding “it is this search for meaning and the education and skills we foster that make King’s University College a place to be; a place to become.”

Institutional Greetings were received from:

  • Huron University College (London, ON)
  • Brescia University College (London, ON)
  • St. Peter’s Seminary (London, ON)
  • University of King’s College (Halifax, NS)
  • Université Saint-Paul (Ottawa, ON)
  • University of St. Michael’s College (Toronto, ON)
  • Assumption University (Windsor, ON)
  • St. Jerome’s University (Waterloo, ON)
  • Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, NS)
  • Western University (London, ON)
  • University of Sudbury (Sudbury, ON)
  • Campion College (Regina, SK)
  • St. Paul’s College (Winnipeg, MB)
  • St. Thomas More College (Saskatoon, SK)
  • St. Mark’s College & Corpus Christi College (Vancouver, BC)
  • Fanshawe College (London, ON)
  • Newman Theological College (Edmonton, AB)
  • Brandon University (Brandon, MB)
  • Carleton University (Ottawa, ON)
  • Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS)
  • HEC Montreal (Montreal, QC)
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John’s, NL)
  • Mount Royal University (Calgary, AB)
  • Sacred Heart College (Peterborough, ON)
  • St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, NS)
  • St. Mary’s University (Calgary, AB)
  • St. Thomas University (Fredericton, NB)
  • Universities Canada (Ottawa, ON)
  • University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)
  • University of Windsor (Windsor, ON)
  • Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities of Canada

In addition, members of the King’s community brought greetings to Dr. Malloy on this occasion, including:

  • CUPE Local 5265 (Part-Time Faculty) - Ms. Neisha Cushing
  • Faculty Association - Dr. Stephanie Bangarth
  • Professional Administrative Officers’ Association - Ms. Linda Whidden
  • Staff Association - Ms. Wendy O’Toole

After the Installation Ceremony, the King’s community gathered at a reception in the Darryl J. King Student Life Centre.

Congratulations Dr. Malloy!

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