April 10, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Exam season can be stressful. Removing distractions is one crucial step to being able to concentrate and absorb the information. With this in mind, King’s has launched a new initiative to help make studying easier and more productive for students

The distraction-free study zone will take place in KC004 on April 12-13.

This zone will be free of distractions such as texting, social media and viewing non-study related materials on phones. Students will turn off cell phones and earn rewards as they focus on their studies. They can still bring in their laptops but will be asked to limit internet use to study purposes only.

KAMP mentors and intern-counsellors from the School of Social Work will be on site to assist. They will provide study-support and wellness resources for students.

Drop-in from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 12 or 13 to take advantage of un-interrupted studying and peer support.

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