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Congratulations to the newest members of the Class of 2019.

On October 23, 2019, as part of Western University’s Autumn 2019 Convocation ceremonies, 108 King’s graduates received their Western University degrees in:

  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Arts (Honors)
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Management and Organizational Studies (Honors)
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Arts (Four Year)
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Management and Organizational Studies
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Arts
  • Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement Studies
  • Master of Social Work

During the ceremony, the 314th Convocation, the members of the graduating classes were presented to Chancellor Linda Hasenfratz by Western’s President & Vice-Chancellor Dr. Alan Shepard. 

“Graduation represents a major milestone in your life,” said Chancellor Hasenfratz who challenged graduates “to take some important lessons from your time here into your careers and into your personal lives. Use the critical thinking that you have learned to question and to challenge others. Continue to learn and embrace change in all you do. You are forever a cherished member of this great university founded more than 140 years ago and we welcome you into the Western alumni family.”

Canadian Olympic champion ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were presented with the honourary degrees Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, by Dr. Jim Weese, Acting Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (International) at Western University, and were hooded Dr. Angela J. Schneider, Faculty of Health Sciences.  Drs. Virtue and Moir were honoured “in acknowledgement of their achievements as the most decorated Canadian ice dance team of all time and the most decorated ice skaters in Olympic history,” said Chancellor Hasenfratz.

Dr. Weese referred to Virtue and Moir as “two local kids who dreamed big and, as adults, rose to the very top of their profession. In doing so, they united, excited and inspired our nation.”

“We are deeply honoured to receive this honourary doctorate from Western University and we just feel deeply privileged to be sharing this experience with all of you,” Dr. Moir told the graduates.

“You have done the work. You have sacrificed. You have poured your hearts and minds into textbooks and projects and assignments and left your mark on this establishment.  You’ve made friends, nurtured ambitions, found purpose and joined a long line of graduates whose impacts lives on in the spirit of achievement. We are so proud of you,” said Dr. Virtue.

In addressing Autumn Convocation, Drs. Virtue and Moir imparted lessons learned over the course of their career in what they called “The School of Ice Dancing,” including the importance of practice as a way to deal with pressure, overcoming adversity, the power of teamwork, and not comparing yourself to others.

Dr. Moir said it was important “to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This was accomplished through careful and calculated preparation. Our focus was on taking care of the details every single day. Consistency is what makes champions. Everyone feels (pressure). It is those who know how to harness it that come out on top.”

“Trust the process during the lows. Believe in your path and nurture it accordingly. Failure is a way to gather data and what might feel like a failure in the moment will often not be regarded as such upon reflection later,” said Dr. Virtue.

“Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, rather it showcases strength. Everything you need is already within you. We have every confidence in the world in your ability to carry on and set the world on fire,” said Dr. Moir.

Following the Convocation ceremony, King’s graduates and their families, friends and supporters along with King’s faculty, staff and alumni gathered in the Vitali Lounge for the annual alumni reception.  They were addressed by Dr. David Malloy, King’s Principal, Dr. Peter Donahue, Director and Graduate Program Chair for the School of Social Work, and Sheldon Hines, President of the King’s Alumni Association Board of Directors. All three offered their congratulations and best wishes to the graduates.

As alumni, the new members of the Class of 2019 are entitled to a variety of benefits.