Congratulations to the newest members of the Class of 2018.

On October 24, 2018, as part of Western University’s Autumn 2018 Convocation ceremonies, 165 King’s graduates received their degrees:

  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theological Studies
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Arts (Honors)
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Management and Organizational Studies (Honors)
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Social Work (Honors)
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Arts (Four Year)
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Management and Organizational Studies
  • Bachelor/Baccalaureate of Arts
  • Certificate in Childhood in the Justice System
  • Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement Studies

During the ceremony, the 312th Convocation, the members of the graduating classes were presented to Chancellor Jack Cowin by Western’s President & Vice-Chancellor Dr. Amit Chakma.

Dr. Chakma said it was “through determination, hard work and intelligence” the graduates had reached this important milestone. “Today is a proud day for all of us, he said. Western now has 300,000 alumni in over 150 different countries.

Dr. James Temerty and Dr. Louise Temerty were presented with the honorary degree Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, by Dr. Michael J. Strong and were hooded by Dr. Candace Gibson.

The Temertys were honoured for their entrepreneurial achievements but also for their passion for making a positive impact on community, education, health and sciences initiatives. Dr. James Temerty is the chairman and largest shareholder of Northland Power, Inc. Dr. Louise Temerty is a director of the Leacock Foundation and member of the Canadian Opera Company’s Volunteer Committee.

Dr. Louise Temerty applauded the students for having chosen a specialty that was important to them and having worked hard to attain their diploma. “We respect the path you have taken and are pleased to be speaking with you today,” she said.

During their convocation address, the Temertys spoke on four main topics:

  • compromise which they both agreed meant listening to each other
  • intuition - “seek everyone’s counsel but follow your own”, Dr. James Temerty said.
  • perseverance – Dr. James Temerty gave examples of companies including Apple, Dyson and Northland Power that faced struggles before ultimately succeeded.
  • opportunity – “You have to work for opportunity,”Dr. Louise Temerty said.

Giving back to the community has always been a main concern of the Temertys. “We always believe in giving back,” Dr. Louise Temerty said. She acknowledged that, often, donations are made in monetary terms.  However, she explained, “the best way to give is your time, which means giving of yourself.  You make a living by getting. You make a life by giving.”

Following the Convocation ceremony, King’s graduates and their families gathered in the Vitali Lounge for the annual alumni reception.  They were addressed by Dr. Joseph Michalski, Associate Academic Dean, Dr. Peter Donahue, Director and Graduate Program Chair for the School of Social Work, and Sheldon Hines, President of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. All three offered their congratulations and best wishes to the graduates.