December 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Congratulations to Floranda Agroam, 3rd year Political Science and Social Justice & Peace Studies student at King’s.  She has been appointed to be a community leader, with Councillor Josh Morgan, Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. Community Leaders will be the community voice of Canada 150 for the federal government at local events. These leaders will be a touch point to share information about Canada150 from their municipality with the rest of the country.

The first event is the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve 2016 at Victoria Park. All details can be found at

Agroam was a mentee with the Municipal Politics Mentorship program at London City Hall as part of a co-curricular activity linked to her studies with Dr. Allyson Larkin. Agroam was mentored by Councillor Tanya Park of Ward 13 for five months in 2015-16. In that program, Agroam learned how the city operates and what role a city councillor plays in policy development, community building and in representing the needs of a Ward.

“After the mentorship program I continued to have connections with so many political leaders who have helped me by opening more doors to my future political life. It has been an ongoing experience.” 

Further, Agroam has also been selected to attend the Network for Empowered Women conference at the University of Alberta in February 2016.  Only 100 students from across Canada were selected to attend the conference.  “I believe the experience and the networking I learned at City Hall with Councillor Park was partly why I was selected. It really strengthened my application,” says Agroam.  Leaders from different industries in Canada will present in small groups, like TedTalks. “I feel like this conference will help me to learn articulation skills and how to network with leaders,” says Agroam.

The Municipal Politics mentorship program continues this academic year with female students being mentored by women in political office and administrative roles.