January 29, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Story by Cody Howe

Breaking into an industry that is constantly battling with technological growth and accessibility is a hard task to achieve in 2014. However, this does not stop King’s University College first year Business student Nick Lavery from bringing his dream to life. In the summer of 2012, Lavery started his company Take5 Digital, through the Summer Company Program for new youth businesses. From filming Western Mustang games and producing videos for the London Knights Jumbotron, to shooting yoga testimonials and bringing athletes one step closer to their dream via highlight videos, Lavery has opened many doors to a bright future.  Not many first year students can fill their resume with such extensive professional experiences as he can. As an added bonus, Lavery grew up in the perfect generation for his passion. The 1990’s were a decade of digital media innovation that allowed Nick to experience firsthand what it was like to be behind a camera.

 “My first look into this industry was playing around with my mom’s SLR camera. I was just fascinated,” Nick confidently noted. This new piece of still technology sustained his fascination until he turned 11 years old when his dad bought a video camera, marking the beginning of his adventurous path.

King’s University College seemed to be the perfect choice for Lavery. Studying business at King’s set Lavery up with all the background knowledge that is required to be successful. From learning how to balance his company's books and creating a cohesive marketing plan, to understanding the economy, the BMOS (Management and Organizational Studies) program at King's is preparing him for all facets of the industry. Not only would he learn professional skills on how to drive his business, he also favoured the social aspects.

 “A lot of my friends were coming here, and I loved the size,” he says.

“Western is just a bus ride away, so I don’t feel like I’ll be missing any of the larger events,” he adds.

The small size of the school also allows him to create more personal relationships with important employers and professors, as well as applying more hands-on experiences in the field. Manager of Communications & Media Relations Jane Antoniak was an important part of his early success, hiring him to create a short video. Registrar Coordinator Robin Ellis helped Lavery connect with the London Knights, an opportunity most students could only dream of. His flexible school schedule has also allowed him to cater his work hours to customers’ needs, creating a more convenient experience for them.

Besides Nick’s experience both in the field and at school, he also brings a youth perspective to the table, with a strong knowledge of the new generation of videography and the consumers that drive the industry. Just another one of his many traits companies will find appealing.

There are multiple ways to contact Nick, for pricing and other inquires: