September 5, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Aramark, which provides food services at King’s, has announced in a media release “a commitment to significantly reduce single-use disposable plastics, across its global food service operations, by 2022.”

One of the first-steps in the plastic reduction strategy is to phase out the use of plastic straws and stirrers and instead offer eco-friendly alternatives, beginning in September 2018.

“In an effort to raise awareness and assist in the reduction of single-use plastics polluting our environment, King’s and Aramark have agreed that plastic straws and stir sticks will only be available upon request.  This is a first step and further elimination of single-use plastics will be investigated and announced when alternatives are reviewed,” says Jeff Major, Vice-Principal, Finance & Support Services.

The announcement is “part of a holistic strategy to address single-use plastics overall, starting with the most visible category of straws and stirrers, offering reusable products, encouraging consumers to join in, and looking ahead at design and innovation,” according to the Aramark media release.

The decision came after a recent Aramark consumer survey in which the company found 60% of respondents were concerned with the overuse of plastic and nearly 80% were trying to reduce personal consumption by recycling and reusing plastic bottles and bags.

“King’s and Aramark have partnered on  several important environmental issues in the past, including the introduction of reusable containers, recycling and waste diversion programs, using locally-sourced foods, and obtaining the Fair Trade Campus certification,” Major says.

The move also aligns with King’s core values “to promote the ethical use and equitable sharing of the world’s resources.”

Aramark will continue to have straws and stir sticks on hand for those who request one, recognizing the needs of those with accessibility requirements.

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