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King's University College - Sociology

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The Department provides both three-year and four-year BA programs. Students can graduate with either a Major in Sociology or Criminology (three or four year), a Specialization in Sociology (four-year), or a four-year Honors Specialization in Sociology or Criminology. In addition, the department offers minors in Sociology, Criminology.

Sociology can be broadly defined as "the study of social behavior", or more specifically, the study of how membership in social groups affects human behavior. At King's, the Sociology Department has developed a distinctive program which provides students with a high quality liberal arts education and encourages them to develop a sociologically sensitive understanding as well as valuing human freedom and social justice. Students may choose from a range of diverse courses which include: The Family, Minority Groups, Medical Sociology, Political Sociology, Sociology of Education, Social Stratification, Deviance, Criminology, Methodology and Statistics, Social Change, Sociological Theory and Gender Roles

Students in Sociology/Criminology can also combine their Sociology/Criminology degree with related disciplines (Psychology, History, etc.). While the choice of courses at King's is wide-ranging, students may wish to supplement these offerings by registering for other Sociology courses on the main campus of The University of Western Ontario or at one of the other affiliated colleges.

On this site you will find information about our Sociology Department, including information on our different programs, time table, course outlines, program checklists and information on career options for sociologists. At King's, we care about our students, as reflected in our relatively small class sizes and our commitment to providing a stimulating and dynamic environment for learning.